Century Community Football

Dear Century Community Football Family,

Since 1997, CCF has been providing an affordable, positive, developmental program for community youth to experience, play, and improve football skills.    CCF was founded on a vision of working with the high school to create a youth football program that mutually benefits the community and the high school football program. This vision included building a program that focused more on developing the fundamentals of the game and having fun, and less on wins and losses.  CCF found other like-minded programs at Forest Grove and Glencoe, and together, we formed the Pacific Youth Football League.  At its inception, the PYFL focused on developing fundamental skills, having fun, and instilling a love for the game of football in every heart it touches.

 In 2011, a group of dissatisfied parents left our organization and created a second youth football option in our community.  Former teammates, school mates, friends, families, coaches, and businesses all found themselves having to choose sides.  In the years following the split, both programs struggled to recruit and retain as many young athletes as possible.  The unfortunate result has been a community divided. 

Over the past two years, board members from both organizations have been meeting regularly to work towards common ground and resolving differences.  Both boards, as well as the community, agree that one program is better than two.  Both organizations have made changes in an effort to resolve differences, yet the programs remain divided.  After careful consideration, the board of Century Community Football has made the very difficult decision to step aside, and for the benefit of the community and the high school, allow our football community to heal and grow as one program.  The Century Community Football Board has decided that we will NOT be fielding teams at any grade level for the 2015 season.  For any players that have already registered, we will be contacting you to arrange a full refund.

The CCF Board has every confidence that Century Youth Football will welcome all players and families into their organization without prejudice.  We trust they will provide an affordable, positive experience, focusing on football fundamentals, fair playing time, good sportsmanship, having fun, and instilling the love of the game in every heart it touches. We trust CYF will continue the community tradition of supporting the high school program. Century High School Head Coach, Bill Smith, has supported CCF every step along our path, and we trust that the high school will not suffer any adverse effects from our decision.

The Century Community Football Board would like to thank all of the players, parents, coaches, volunteers, and businesses that have supported us through the years.  It has been an honor, a pleasure, and our privilege to serve our community in such a rewarding manner.  The last eighteen years have generated many, many good memories that we will treasure forever as we journey forward. 

The Century Community Football Board

Chuck Packard, President

Bill “Wes” Westrom, Vice President
Tammi Alba, Treasurer
Bonnie Howden, Secretary
Brian Beadle
Jeff Howden